A Mad Monster Weekend

It's Saturday morning and Freddy waits patiently on the bed as I curl my hair. We're getting ready to go to the Mad Monster Party in South Carolina today and he is fan-boying hard about meeting Billy Dee Williams (AKA Lando from Star Wars).

The Mad Monster Party is basically a horror and sci-fi convention that lasts for three days. They have vendors, a carnival and plenty of horror movie and sci-fi movie celebrities to meet and get autographs from. I am stoked to meet Bill Moseley and Sid Haig as one of my favorite horror movies is Devil's Rejects. I used to know every single line of that movie. 

"What time is everyone wanting to meet again?" I ask for the fourth time. 

He stares at me blankly then looks back down at his phone. I'm late for everything and he's a person who is either on time or early for most things. My boss knows I show up at least 10 minutes late everyday. His boss knows that Freddy is typically a half an hour early. 

I skip to the next piece of hair. "Eight, right? I don't think there's going to be enough time. I still have to finish my hair and then put on makeup. I'm not even dressed yet," I brood. "Maybe we can be late?" 

He looks back up at me and takes off his glasses. "Babe."

I keep talking. "Maybe like 5 minutes late? Why don't you just text them and double check?"

"Babe." He rubs his eyes. 

"No, no. I can do this. I can be ready on time. What time is it right now?" 

Freddy's glasses go back on his nose. "Babe. It's seven twenty. You've got plenty of time. We're not in a rush, but we can make it by eight, I promise. Keep doing your hair." 

I twirl another section of hair into my curler. "Right. Forty minutes. We got this." Freddy stands up and walks across the room to where I'm perched in his desk chair in front of the mirror. He holds his phone up, leaning over and snapping a photo of us. I told him that I was working today for the blog so he's helping me as much as possible with photos. I didn't think this picture would turn out since my hair was half done and I didn't have any mascara on, but hey, it looks pretty cute. 


After another ten minutes of fussing over my hair, it poofs out like a blow-dried cat and I stand up, reaching for the hairspray that proves to be absolutely pointless. My hair is naturally curly and I learned soon after moving to Charlotte that I no longer dictate my hairstyle - the humidity does. Doesn't mean that I don't try to fight it from time to time especially when I'm about to take photos with my favorite celebrities.

I then start rifling through my clothes for my new cut-off Star Wars shirt I bought the day before. I surprised Freddy with a shirt that matches his. His poor nerdy heart almost gave out when he saw it. We're THAT couple today - matching and shit - but its a special occasion so whatever. Told you that my cold, dead heart was warming over.

I finish getting ready with time to spare, dump a ton of snacks into my purse and go outside for a couple of pictures excited for the rest of the day. Freddy, like me, is always down to take selfies. 


After photos, we head to Brooke's house as she and her family is coming with us to Mad Monster. We switch vehicles and drive to Big View Diner in Ballantyne together. 

Breakfast is DELICIOUS. I order 2 eggs, an order of turkey sausage, a fuckton of bacon and fresh fruit along with an Americano. 


Freddy orders an entire plate of pancakes and bacon. He lets me have a couple bites of the pancakes and they are amazing. 

Sidenote. Every single time I see pancakes or hear the word pancakes, I think of a scene from Eli Roth's movie, Cabin Fever, where this kid jumps off a front porch screaming "PANCAKES!!" and does like a ninja kick then bites one of the main characters. I've included an image below in case you have not had the pleasure of watching this clip or hell, the movie itself. It's everything I can do to not ninja kick and scream pancakes during any breakfast event. 

After breakfast, we drive out to Rock Hill for the convention and its everything I hoped for and more. Hallways filled with weirdos and nerds and part of me no longer feels out of place. To be honest, I am surprised that there was such a turnout in the South - where have these weirdos been for two years? 

My heart patters with excitement when I take my first photo with Judith O'Dea. One of my favorite horror films is George A. Romero's 1968 "Night of the Living Dead". Its my favorite because how different it is for the time. Its 1968 and the main character is an African American actor, Duane Jones. Its a progressive, classic horror film about survival and power in the midst of chaos. 

Judith O'Dea is the sweetest lady I ever met. She tells stories as she autographs our posters and sincerely thanks us for loving her movie. It's genuine and a dream. 

See my hair? It's a ball of frizz :) 

See my hair? It's a ball of frizz :) 

We circle the convention, soaking in the energy, and Freddy meets Mark Patton, the main character from the Nightmare on Elm Street sequel. Mark Patton is cool as shit. He pulls Freddy into an embrace and smiles for a normal fan photo. Then he picks up his gloves of knives off the table and tells Freddy to play dead as I snap a couple more photos. He also tells Freddy to let him know if he's hurting him because the knives are actually sharp. Mr. Patton is so excited for the chance to "kill" someone. 


We move along through the crowd finding the BEST cosplay outfits. Multiple Jasons from Friday the 13th standing menacingly at ever corner, Star Wars characters moving seriously through the crowd, families of zombies and characters from other horror films. 

(This photo is super blurry because this little asshole stole my phone and almost ran away with it. I actually almost tackled him, ripped the phone from his hands and told him to kick rocks. I guess the joke is on me because its a trait of this character from Star Wars. Oopsies.) 

(This photo is super blurry because this little asshole stole my phone and almost ran away with it. I actually almost tackled him, ripped the phone from his hands and told him to kick rocks. I guess the joke is on me because its a trait of this character from Star Wars. Oopsies.) 

We walk to the Gore Garage to find a cool replicas of the Munster Koach, Dragula, Christine and the Delorian from Back to the Future. 

Honestly, I wish the dude in this photo could just move. I know he sees me taking this photo, but I don't think he gives a shit. It's kind of funny, I suppose. 

This is my favorite part of the day. I watched Halloween when I was a kid and even though it was one of my FAVORITE horror films of all time, I was always terrified of Michael Myers. He's cold-blooded, depraved and incredibly calculated. He's the perfect villain in my opinion. I'm terrified of the evil in him, but also fascinated by it. He still haunts my adult nightmares.

So I got a photo with Michael Myers and I smiled the entire time cause fuck fear.  

Next we meet Bill Moseley and I am AMPED. Like, I am meeting my favorite character, Otis Driftwood, from Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. He has some of the greatest lines ever. Turns out that he's a dollbaby and passed out cookies to Brooke and held my hand with both of his after our photo together. I mean... dollbaby material. Just look at his pants and sweater! I love him. 

"I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work."  - Otis Driftwood

Next I meet Sid Haig. Like THE Sid Haig. I am fan-girling so hard. And let me tell you something. He's also a dollbaby. Just a normal guy who is sweet as can be. He writes some badass quote on Freddy's autographed poster and I think he wrote something cool on mine too - I just can't remember and don't have it in front of me. We take a photo with him too and while we're getting our photo taken, he spits out some of his favorite quotes from House of 1000 Corpses. Our picture is blurry below because we took it with Snapchat and it pixelates when I bring it over. Sorry guys. 

After meeting Sid Haig, we walk outside to scope out the vendors in the parking lot along with the carnival. Normally, I am all about carnivals and rides, but the "fearis" wheel looks rickety and I do not trust the carnies. Nope. No thanks. 

Purple John Wayne Gacy or nah? 

Purple John Wayne Gacy or nah? 

After meeting Billy Dee Williams (which they wouldn't let us take any photos), Freddy and I sneak away to look at more vendors together. 

We stumble on a vendor selling Friday the 13th rings and decide to buy a matching set. We're still wearing our rings now :)

After our day, we drive home for a long nap. Freddy's been awake for almost thirty-six hours and his five-hour energy wore off long ago. After our nap, we go back to our favorite little Mexican food restaurant, play Pokemon Go and then go back to sleep. The next morning, Freddy breaks out his coffee pot just for me since he knows I hate the Keurig and we sip coffee in bed while I write and edit photos. Our weekend was perfect. 

New questions: 

Have you ever had something you feared and instead of running you faced your fear head on? 

Any scary movie still haunting your nightmares?