Ten Random Facts About Me

Good Morning! 

Now that this thing is live, I figured we can get to know each other better. Here are ten random facts about me: 

1. Since I was 12 years old, my absolute dream was to be a Forensic Anthropologist.  I wanted to specialize in forensic facial reconstruction. I love anything that has to do with forensics or true crime. 

2. I'm actually a trained doula, which is like a birth assistant, and certified in family planning. I was an active volunteer with a couple reproductive rights organizations last year which inspired me to complete additional training. 

3.. I LOVE horror movies of all genres. My favorite scary movie is John Carpenter's Halloween even though it still gives me nightmares to this day. Halloween II has a scene where Michael Myers is roaming around a hospital. For years, I had reoccurring dreams that I had to rescue babies in the hospital from him. 

4. I'm the oldest of three girls. We had over 300 Barbies at one point in our childhood. 

5. Both of my sisters are pregnant currently and due only a couple weeks apart. In the summertime, I'll have another nephew and a niece. 

6. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. 

7. My astrological sign is a Leo. I've had my palm read as well as had psychic readings multiple times. I'm a skeptical believer only because its fun and makes me happy. 

8. I am consistently late to pretty much everything in life. I've accepted that this is just who I am. At least I'm consistent, right? 

9.  My parents took me to a lot of drag races as a toddler, but I usually slept through them. I can still sleep through anything. 

10. When I was sixteen, my father made me reconstruct and replace an entire car engine by myself. He just supervised and helped me with the heavy lifting.  

That was a little harder than I expected... In the comments below, tell me where your from and a few random things about you!