A Crazy Two Weeks

I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes over the last two weeks and I have yet to write about any of it.

How dare I do that to you? I know. I’m reckless. Send me all the hate mail you want :)

I reflect on the days gone by and I don’t even know where to begin. Small talk? Actually, let’s begin with the weather. I’m not used to the weather in the South and as I say that, I’m not sure any southerner is used to the weather here either. In Phoenix, it goes from intense inferno in the summertime to mildly miserable during autumn, then stringing Christmas lights on saguaros in shorts in the winter and then right back to holy-hell-I-need-oven-mitts-to-drive in the spring. Its predictable at all times. Hot, hot, very hot, mildly hot. We get the occasional haboob, but nothing out of the normal for a city constructed on a cement pad in the middle of a desert valley. However in the south, Mother Nature is unpredictable af. We went from a week of mid to high seventies to snow that very weekend.

On a Sunday morning a couple weeks ago, I woke up to a thin layer of snowfall in front of my apartment. If I had it my way, I would have been a recluse covered in blankets, but Tara called and she has this uncanny ability to inspire the adventurous side of me. We decided that since this is the last snow of the season, we're experiencing the shit out of it before it melts. I love this about Tara. Even though she's from Iowa, she acted like this was the first and last time she'd ever see snow. Pure excitement. We drove through the old neighborhoods in Charlotte taking artsy pictures of the beautiful streets then decided on Freedom Park for a run. We goofed around, threw snowballs, ran around the pond and took lots of photos per our usual. 

Later we went to breakfast in Plaza Midwood and I won't even post about the place we went because it sucked. Royally. 

The night before it snowed, I attended a gathering at Brooke’s house in Waxhaw. I just finished working on editing photos and to be honest, I was reluctant to go. Not because I don’t adore Brooke, but because I was exhausted and sometimes I don’t like to people very much. However, I know that I need to socialize and expand my inner circle so I pulled my shit together and went anyways. Right before I left the house, Brooke texted me to say that there was a new neighbor hanging at her house and he was about my age (hint, hint, wink, wink). Which was super because I wasn’t wearing an ounce of makeup, my hair was a dirty frizzball stacked into a bandana and everyone was lucky that I actually put on pants.

At any rate, I didn’t really believe that much would happen. I have a low threshold for bullshit and I am completely fine on my own. I’m pro at being the third or fifth wheel and take my damn self out to dinner. Dating is typically atrocious for me considering the amount of HORRIBLE dates I’ve been on. Would you believe that I went on a date with a man who called himself Moose and another man with the self-given nickname of Goose? I’m a fucking mess. The last guy I dated and then promptly kicked to the curb thought that everything “organic” was also low calorie. Boy, bye. Anyways, maybe one day I’ll tell everyone my war stories. I’ve seen some shit.

Back to the story.

I let myself into Brooke’s house and walked into the kitchen and to my surprise, there’s this hottie in a beanie sitting at her counter. I am a sucker for beanies. Our eyes lock and I feel like everything is in slow-mo. I hear Brooke introducing us, but I just stared at him with my mouth half open processing the entire situation. He says hi to me and I manage to recover quickly enough to where he maybe didn’t notice me slipping into total awkwardness.

In typical party fashion, I am swept into conversation with the women in the house and the boys are somewhere else talking about god-only-knows what. I keep thinking about Freddy in the Beanie and hope maybe he’ll come back. I promise myself to not be awkward. Brooke and I head to the garage to grab some drinks and guess who strolled in behind us? Yes. Fucking Freddy.

Hey. What’s up. Hello.

 And for a few minutes, we stand in the garage showing each other pictures of our pets and shenanigans we got into as teenagers. We talk about our jobs along with other preliminary subjects, but eventually we all go back inside and again we’re separated. The boys are standing in the kitchen though and I overhear something about comic books or maybe I brought it up – I can’t remember. Freddy hears me though and we start talking about a vintage comic book store in Fort Mill. I ask him if he’s been and neither have I, but I’d love to go.

Somehow, I am derailed by another conversation about trashy Vegas weddings and all the terrible things I would do (again) in Vegas and before I know it, it’s time for me to leave. As I’m walking out the door, Freddy comes over to shake my hand. Lo and behold, I have no open hands to shake with so I fumble around for an awkward amount of time before I can extend my right hand. I say goodbye to everyone and walk out feeling almost bummed that he didn’t ask for my phone number. Shit. At least ask for my email address.  

By the time I got home later that evening, Brooke asked if she could pass my number along to him (he asked for it!) and my heart fluttered with excitement. The rest of the week we talked on the phone constantly. We talked about aliens, conspiracy theories, our favorite horror movies and books along with other not-so-weird stuff peppered in there. I felt like I was in a dream. He looked good in a beanie and he was intelligent and a little weird? What dimension was I in?

The funny thing is that he felt like he looked like the Brawny man that night with his red checkered coat. I never even noticed or cared.

Friday morning we spoke for three hours on the phone and agreed to meet back at Brooke’s house for another get-together that evening. He’s waiting for me in her kitchen yet again and we hug for a moment before I grab a slice of pizza off her counter and head to the table. I lather my pizza in buffalo sauce and suddenly I look up to find everyone staring at me as I eat. I’ve got buffalo sauce all over and I look to Brooke for a napkin, but Freddy is sitting next to me with his hand outstretched holding clean napkins just for me.

As more people piled into Brooke’s house, Freddy and I set out on a walk through the neighborhood and he shows me where his house is. As we walk back to Brooke’s, we stop in the middle of the road and shared our first kiss. Maybe it was the feeling of knowing and not knowing all at once or maybe it was the hormones pulsing through my body, but later that evening we stood in a darkened doorway holding each other  and agreed that we wanted to be together exclusively. I decide that hormones at least give me an excuse to ghost him if he insists on wearing Crocks in public or murders hitchhikers to make Etsy crafts with their skin.

Hormones aside, it’s the knowing and not knowing all at once that makes me believe that this is different than anything else. I feel like an ancient part of myself has been unified with the future part of me and somehow all of the past relationships/dates/bad decisions added up to something.  Brooke jokes that Freddy is one of the only people able to melt the ice off my cold heart. It’s basically true. I never knew my heart was capable of this much love. 

Turns out that Freddy may not be an ax murderer (its only been a couple weeks), but he definitely murdered my face off when we played Monopoly together on Saturday. I legitimately hocked every single property I owned in order to pay him for the stupid hotels he constructed on Park Place and Boardwalk. I have a tough time swallowing my pride and admitting defeat. He bankrupted me and ultimately won . Next on our list is Clue and I SLAY at Clue. 


Saturday night, Freddy and I went back to Brooke's house for an AMAZING steak dinner that they put together. It was by far the best steak I've ever had and I'm so incredibly lucky to call Brooke and her husband my friends. 

On Sunday, Freddy and I went on our real life first date (we did all this backwards and we're not even sorry about it). We ate at a cute little Mexican food restaurant in Waxhaw and talked about life over fajitas and chips and salsa. We drove the back roads to his house so he could play a little Pokemon Go then we *tried* to play Yu-gi-oh. This poor kid trying to teach me this game... I don't know if lost even covers how I felt, but goddamn these nerds who came up with this game are too smart for me. I tried and failed so then I took pictures. 

After the weekend ended, reality came back in full swing. That is for everyone else. I'm on a much needed and deserved staycation this week. Tara and I spent Wednesday drinking coffee while I caught her up on my entire weekend with Freddy then we mapped out our vacation schedule for the next three months. Tara has a ton of shit going on right now. Between her shit and my shit, we'll be busy girls this summer and I am so excited for the adventures ahead of us. 

Tara and I spent Thursday at the outlet mall and then decided to spend time in her parents' backyard to work on our respective blogs. I told you all about my terrible writer's block. It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off and sit in a new, quiet space to spur creativity. Now that I finally knocked this long ass post out, I feel like I can finally breathe a little bit. Tomorrow I am attending the Monster Madness Party of the Carolinas and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT. My outfit is going to be bangin' and I plan on taking a ton of photos so I can post about them later this week. 

Comment below and tell me how your week has been - I'm curious to know. Also, let's do something that has nothing to do with anything. Tell me one thing you're grateful for today too. I used to keep a running list of all things I was grateful for each day and it made a huge difference. I am grateful for getting this post done :)