A "Fun" Workout, Drunk Thoughts on Thermodynamics and Anarchism

It’s Friday of last week and thankfully the end of the week comes fast and swift like an execution. I race home to dress in my gym clothes for my Friday evening workout with Tara. We love to begin the weekend with hardcore sweat session and usually we use this time to talk about our week, plan for the rest of the weekend and vent. I like to save stories about my week for these sessions. We talk about everything at the gym not giving a shit who's within earshot. I always joke that if I overheard some of our conversations as an outsider, I'd definitely judge us. 

We follow her Spring Fitness Challenge outline for that day with a few added workouts that we want to attempt. We try a new thing and rotate an exercise ball in a circle in the air which sounds elementary, but after a few circles your arms burn like hell. I make a crucial error and watch the ball as it circles past my face. By maybe the 23rd circle, the whole world starts to spin and I feel like I might barf all over Tara. I tap out, lay on the ground and try to keep the dry heaving to a minimum.    

Sidenote: I also use this logic when I’m drinking and get the spins. I’m no physicist, but I firmly believe that if you lay on the ground you’re closer to Earth’s core and the gravity shift makes the spinning go away. This theory is totally unfounded in principles of thermodynamics, but when Drunk Becca gets an idea, she sticks with it.

Back to the story: 

The next morning, I wake up for an early waxing appointment and afterwards, I make my way to the At Home store for a little shopping. What I need is a new laundry basket and a couple bins for organizing, but I emerge from the store with wax scents, a trash can for my car, some new glass cups and a basket for my throw blankets. I spend the rest of the day doing nothing interesting but cleaning and organizing my apartment. Sometimes I’m amazed that I moved into my apartment with nothing but a few tubs of belongings and a twin-sized blow-up mattress.  In two years, I’ve almost outgrown my place. I’m not sure if that’s a testament to my resourcefulness or my shopping habits. Maybe a little of both.

It’s after 1pm in the afternoon on Sunday and even though I had a two-hour notice, I’m still in my pajamas and laying face first on the couch when Tara swings by to pick me up. I rush around the house throwing on a pair of jeans and converse, snag my wallet off the counter and by some miracle, we’re on the road in under fifteen minutes. We actually didn’t make plans for our day so we drive around aimlessly for a bit before settling on Amelie’s for coffee.

After coffee, we do some more aimless driving. We’re boring sometimes. Our conversation begins to die down a bit while we’re on the highway and I know that means we’re both hungry. Since I’m always down for a Greek salad, we go to Zoe’s for lunch. Afterwards, we find ourselves at Marshall’s trying on clothes and searching through the housewares for some cute picture frames. Lastly, we stop in at DSW for some last minute shoe shopping before the store closes for the evening.


The rest of the day is uneventful for me except for budgeting, developing content for the blog and planning my schedule for the rest of the week.  

After work on Monday, I go to the grocery store and do a little (more) shopping. I roughly plan my meals in my head when I go to the store although it’s much more efficient for me to go to the store with a list and recipes to follow. The number one trick to healthy grocery shopping on the go is to stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store. It’s typically where the healthiest food is found.

I make low-carb turkey meatloaf in the crockpot that evening and prepare it for lunch for the rest of the week, dividing it into containers the next morning. I also make oven-roasted veggies as my side for lunch. I cook my dinners for the week too which vary from chicken and veggies to spaghetti with zucchini noddles and turkey meatballs. For whatever reason, I don’t prepare anything for breakfast and I regret that decision. However, the one decision I do not regret is the Halo Top Ice Cream and popcorn I eat for dinner on Monday night. Adulthood for the win.


Tuesday morning I wake up early to read the Rolling Stone magazine article that I meant to read for the past week but just haven’t had the time. There’s an article that caught my attention about a group of anarchists protecting a small village in the Middle East against ISIS without assistance or any government sponsorship. I waited for an entire week to read this and this journalist kind of fucked it up in my opinion. He went all the way to the Middle East into a truly stateless community to write an article with an irreverent attitude. I think he missed the opportunity to present authentic, fact based journalism. His half-fact, half-opinionated article was underwhelming at best and set a tone that might turn others off from learning about different political ideologies. 

The rest of my week continues without a hitch as work steadies and my schedule evens out. I took time off from the gym this week because frankly, my body needs a break. I was supposed to go rappelling on Saturday, but due to inclement weather (its supposed to snow here this weekend, wtf?), the class was rescheduled. Can't wait to go, but I have a feeling it'll be another month or two now. Oh, well. More naptime for me! 

How was everyone else's week?

Name one good thing that happened to you this week. Ready, go :)