Urban Exploration and Antique Books - Weekend Warrior Edition

It's early Saturday morning. I'm dressed in some scrubby clothes and tennis shoes with a coffee in hand and a half eaten granola bar hanging out of my mouth as I hop into the passenger side of Tara's Jeep. She's planning the day out loud and I nod my head in agreement, only half paying attention as I scarf down the rest of the granola bar and pull my seatbelt across my lap. I turn to her to make an addition to our plans which already includes yard sales and breakfast, but I see something light up on her face. She says, "Ooooh! I need you to see Knox Point first!"

I have no idea what Knox Point even means or where it's at, but based off the look on her face I know this means one of two things: Knox Point is either a hip, new coffee shop somewhere with fantastic espresso or its an abandoned building out in the middle of no where that she stumbled across. Of course, I'm down for either. 

We cruise down some back roads in South Carolina for a good distance as I'm researching prime yard sale spots in Rock Hill when we come across a crumbled driveway hidden in a grove of infant pine trees and barbwire. We slow down and hidden in the back of this plot of land is a partially intact home ravaged by fire probably some years ago. Cautiously  we pull into the driveway and look around at the destruction for a moment.

"I'm going around back," I declare since the front door of this place is caved in. I unbuckle my seatbelt, grab my phone and nearly launch myself out of the jeep. I turn to Tara and say, "Stay here on the look out. Honk the horn if you see anything weird." This is our typical abandoned, creepy place backslash we're trespassing team dynamic. She drives the getaway car, keeps an eye out and I take off for photos.  (Don't worry - she's okay with this arrangement.)

I trot around the backside of the property and hit the jackpot. These are some of my shots from my exploration of what we'll call the Knox Point House.

After hearing an animal (probably) hidden in the pine trees, I decide that its time to go. This happens pretty often and I've got some crazy stories about exploring that I can tell you another time. This time it's probably a rabbit... but it could a pack of cannibals wanting to make menudo out of my brain too. Per the usual I'm inclined to think worst case scenario so I'm like let's GTFO. Cue the getaway car and my accomplice. We speed away from the Knox Point House and decide to hit up an estate sale in Charlotte instead of Rock Hill.

This is where things get really good. 

My mom and I used to scour yard sales and estate sales as a kid, but I had no idea how serious this whole estate sale thing was. Some people sleep in their car outside of the home the night before the sale if they know that there will be something of value in there. This is their hobby or even their profession. Almost like Storage Wars, but with people's homes. Now if you don't know what an estate sale is or how it differs from a yard sale, its a sale liquidating the belongings of a passed loved one typically. Its done in an open house setting where you get to walk through the home and pick out items that you want at a heavy discount.

We show up to this beautiful colonial home in south Charlotte a quarter to ten and there's a line of people hanging off the front porch. We're instructed to take a number and wait until the home opens at ten. Tara and I start to feel the excitement. And we're excited for not only a good find, but to also see what the inside of the old home looks like. We usually drive the streets of Charlotte looking at these homes from the outside rarely getting a glimpse of the inside.


10 am hits, the doors unlock and its a race. People jog through the home some heading upstairs and others heading straight for the kitchen. Naturally I branch off for the books and again, I hit the jackpot. I'm obsessed with books, especially vintage and antique. Some can even be worth a lot of money depending on the edition or if the author signed it. 

The bookshelves are lined in this place with hundreds of books some of which date back to the 1800s. I pick out a few limited edition antique books, but of all my finds, there is one that is priceless. Its a college yearbook from 1915. That's over a 100 years old! I tuck the yearbook in with the rest of my books and get out of there only spending 12 bucks.

Tara buys an antique plate and a set of chairs on the cheap and we come out of the home ecstatic with our purchases. We make our way to another estate sale. This one is definitely not as good as the last and we're hungry af so we abandon the estate sale thing and head to one of our favorite breakfast spots, Le Peep. Easy decision. 

Coffee. Turkey bacon. Poached eggs. 


We run a quick errand after breakfast and head back to Tara's house with our day's bounty. Before I leave, we take a quick peek at the 1915 yearbook and as Tara flips a page, a handful of loose photos and an old postcard fall from the pages. We're in complete awe. The postcard dates back to 1923 with a handwritten note on the back. The other photos are of a boy and his dog, some protests on the college campus and a mystery photo of what appears to be a cage... maybe? Its like holding a piece of history in my hands.

Later in the evening, I meet up with my team from work at a hockey game. The seats are right on the ice which is incredible and kind of terrifying as guys are getting pinned up against the glass. Nonetheless, we have a great time together. The guys on my team rock and we're very close. But if you ask them, they'll probably tell you that I'm like a bossy sister they never wanted. I stay through half-time, say goodbye to the guys from work then head uptown to meet back up with Tara and Kyle.

Tara, Kyle and I walk to the Epicenter together to see a movie. Unbeknownst to us, the CIAA Championship is in full party mode Uptown with throngs of men and women in clubbing attire. So here's Tara and me clad in leggings and cardigans (basically pajamas paired with a nice sweater) ready to see a movie swimming in a sea of tight, short dresses and six inch stilettos. We are the most underdressed people in Uptown to say the least. 

After an adventurous day and a long evening at the movies, I sleep in on Sunday and wake up to call my grandma as we have a standing phone date on the weekend. We chat for about an hour before I head out for the afternoon. Tara and I meet at Lady M Cakes after her run for some coffee. 

After coffee, my day fills with errands and chores. The typical adult afternoon.  Sundays are meal prep days for me too so I cook and listen to my favorite podcasts. Sometimes, I'll even set up my laptop and enjoy Netflix or a Discovery Channel Series on Amazon as I make myself lunches for the week. There's something really great that happens on Sundays. I mean, I hate chores and cooking is far from my favorite, but I think its the time that I spend doing something for myself that makes it so special. It allows me to recharge and prepare for another week at work. 

Well, how's that for a first post, guys? :)