Hello, my name is Becca.

I'm a self-proclaimed bibliophile, a podcast addict, B-rated horror movie lover, coffee ho and filled with debatably too much random knowledge. Mexican food is my jam and I cannot bake or do a pull up to save my life. My days are mostly filled with work, the gym and being a single dog-mom.

With all sincerity though, my blog is about my life, my passions and meaningful, curious discussions that I truly hope we can have together. My journey began almost two years ago. I decided to move across the country escaping the Arizonan desert to make a new home in the South. I sold most of my belongings, packed the rest of my possessions in my tiny green car and said a tearful goodbye to my family. In one of the greatest feats of my life, I sped along the interstate looking to the horizon for a new beginning in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

I hope you'll join me as this adventure unfolds. This blog will be evolving as time goes on so bear with me as I make changes along the way and experiment with new ideas. And don't ever be shy to reach out to me. That's what this is all about. Connection. 

XO- Becca